Dark, mischievous, side-splittingly funny.

Global media

Merciless nihilist!

German media

All I ever wanted was to be Jack Kerouac. And now this.

I'm funny for a living. Bit of a hassle for a Kraut. But hey.

At least I get to look gloomy on the "edgy" pics on this site.

I'm a stand-up, I travel the world, I write, I make videos.

I love cultures, Ginsberg & Kerouac, wild epiphanies, new perspectives. As well as football, Laphroig, North Carolina, grapefruit juice and lots of basic shit.

I like comedy that helps you laugh at the madness and that connects humans. Dark, mischievous social observation. Shit that matters.

Or just plain silliness. Fuck it, why limit myself?

In my spare time, I enjoy explaining Germans................. I guess...

Ever since my 2011 5-Step Guide to Being German, I guess I'll never get back out of 'comedysplaining' my charming, crazy mishap of a country. But hey, it's good fun.


This is where the tour calendar normally is, but... you know...

Please check back as Corona and lockdowns ease up.

... stays on stage, mostly. Not all gigs get recorded.

Current unrecorded bits include: what climate change and porn have in common, Christianity's competitive advantage (chocolate), and why there is no German Breaking Bad: we have gun laws, healthcare, and free college — Walter woulda been fine in Germany.
So: no healthcare please, America! It would make for shit TV!)

Check back sometime to see whether we managed to record
(or pirate from TV or whatever) some newer bits than these here.

Anyway. Enjoy!

(The negative shit you'll have to google yourself.)

“An hour of solid, laugh-out-loud (sometimes offensive) comedy. Intelligent, educated, political, smutty and genius."


"Very, very funny. His observations are astute – like how the perception of Germany in a few years went from "Nazis" to "beacon of the Free World" –, his delivery is spot on, and he's fearless too."


“As close to stand-up genius as I have ever seen... contains a very positive message of understanding... waves of comedy gold”


"Had the audience not just laughing but howling... there is a layer of truth just beneath the humour"


"A hilarious equal opportunity satirist... might bite too hard for some people’s politics... the audience loved him."


"Fast-paced, funny and definitely never boring humour with more than a little intellect thrown in. The comedy world is a better place for it."


“Erhard is a stand-up pro… He certainly takes down the stereotype of the ‘humourless German.’


"Paco Erhard left Germany 16 years ago and has spent long periods of time in England, Spain and Italy, allowing him to draw on a rich tapestry of experiences. A born performer... comedy gold!"

New Zealand

"Paco Erhard is a stereotype-busting surprise package"


"A night of notes on the absurdities of life, people and cultures, gift wrapped in beautifully timed sharp, sharp humour.

Paco Erhard is very funny."


"A mixture of political commentary and easygoing humor... with stories from around the world he shows that humor is universally human."


"Skips the bull and dives right into the good s—t. Edgy but upbeat, searching for happiness in a world gone mad... Has you laughing so hard you'll cough up blood."


My management wrote this once. Couldn't be arsed to turn it into first-person form. Would sound self-indulgent as fuck too.

Paco Erhard is German, but he has other problems too. Born in Munich, he grew up in 10 different regions of Germany, went to high school in the USA, studied in Italy, and was thrown into having to adapt to different people, cultures, and mindsets from an early age.

In 2001, he hitchhiked out of his native Germany and started travelling the world for 14 years. He has since performed at comedy festivals and comedy clubs around the world, in English, Spanish, and German. Drawing on his meandering life around the world, he delivers cultural observations and "irreverent, provocative social satire" (The List) with mischievous charm.

Paco has appeared on BBC One television as well as on TV and radio in Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, New Zealand, Ireland, and Germany. He has written on Germany and Europe for the Irish Times.

Considered “one of the best cultural comedians in the world” (Rip It Up, Australia), Paco Erhard won Victoria Fringe's Best Comedy Award in 2019, Vancouver Fringe's Pick of the Fringe Award in 2018, and was nominated for the Fringe World Best Comedy Award.