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Venue announced for Winnipeg Fringe Festival!
(And Edmonton, I’ll be in you too.)


 Web image 5aa copyI’m honoured and happy to announce that at this year’s Winnipeg Fringe Festival I’ll be playing none other than Venue #1, the John Hirsch Theatre Mainstage! Tickets will be going on sale soon through the Fringe website. All gig info will appear in my calendar soon.

“5-Step Guide to Being German 2.0” is my even further enhanced and improved guide to my weird and charming people. I certainly haven’t forgotten playing to the full balconies of wonderful West End Cultural Centre last year, can’t wait to do it again. Let’s have even more of a blast in 2016 – with a show that is 75 min this year instead of last year’s 60.

No clichés, just a crazy ride through what we Germans are really like and why. Okay, we’ll look at one or two clichés… but only to turn them over and look what’s behind and beyond them. I promise you, we’re a lot more ridiculous in reality than the silly clichés could ever be. :-)

After all those years of doing Edinburgh every bloody August, I’m look forward to performing in your lovely country again – so much more chilled!! I know in August I’ll miss Edinburgh and my mates there so much it hurts – but the adventure that is North America is just too exciting. 

Also, this year I’ll be doing the Edmonton Fringe as well. I’m really looking forward to seeing Alberta. Anybody wanna be made German there? Of course you do! :-)

Venue information for Edmonton will be coming soon, as well as info about any other gigs I might be doing in North America before, after, and in between the festivals.

Can’t wait to see you, your nature, your people, and your wild, crazy, big audiences again!! See you in summer, Canada!! xxx




I’ll miss you, Australia –
thanks for another great year and see you in 2017!

Melbourne Skyline & TramAfter sold out shows in Perth, another failure to see sharks while standing in a cage behind a boat off the coast of South Australia, a few gigs in Adelaide, and a week in my beloved Melbourne, it’s time to go home again already – shows in Berlin and Britain await.

So: Thank you so much, everybody who came to my shows at Fringe World Festival, I had a fantastic time with you. And Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and New Zealand, don’t worry, I’ll be sure to bring “Paco Erhard: A (very) brief history of German humour” to you next year. Sorry I couldn’t do your festivals this year – after 5 years of touring around the world, my “charming, crazy mishap of a country” called me home and I’ll be doing comedy in Germany more and more as well. If you’re ever in Berlin, you’ll find me doing my solo shows at “Bar Jeder Vernunft” as well as smaller gigs at other venues.

What a show!Big love to the other amazing acts I had the honour and pleasure to share a venue with, Greg Fleet, Eddie Ifft, Nazeem Hussein, the Kransky Sisters, Dilruk Jayasinha; Paul, Ben, Jasmin, Patrick, and everybody else on the Comedy Shack team, and my comedy mates from Britain and around the world, Anil Desai, Sameena Zehra, Rhys Nicholson, Prince Abdi, Tom Ford, James Nokise, Andrew Walker… oh, all 99 of you, you know who you are!

Take care of yourself, Straylia, and see you next year! xx






After 14 years of adventure abroad…
new adventure awaits in Berlin!!!

Bar Jeder VernunftIt’s been 14 years since I hitchhiked out of Germany to find adventure (and I did), 12 years since I first started English entertainment, and 4 years of non-stop touring my stand-up shows around the world. And now I’m going home.

I’ve been called back to Germany to do stand-up in German and English in Berlin’s coolest-looking venue and to discover my charming, crazy mishap of a country all anew.

Come find me in the Bar Jeder Vernunft, a beautiful original 270-seater 1920s Spiegeltent right next to the University of the Arts and the Berliner Festspiele. Right here!!

I will be doing my new German-language show Hard an der 2015-09-09 15.15.47Grenze there once a month and my popular English-language 5-Step Guide to Being German about once every two months for a start – but there will be more where this came from.

Of course I’ll still go touring the English-speaking world whenever I can: from 9th – 21st February 2016 I will be doing my new show A (very brief) history of German humour at Perth Fringe World, and in summer 2016 I will look to play as many Canadian festivals as I can fit in. And surely other English gigs will happen in the UK, USA, and all over Europe.

So come and see me in Berlin – or else I’ll come and see you wherever you are!! 😉

But for now… let’s rock Berlin!!

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