"Paco Erhard is a German comic, not a comic German"
- John Fleming

"stand-up genius"
- Edinburgh Guide

The media call him “uproariously hilarious”, “extremely clever”, “side-splittingly funny" and "violently politically incorrect”: Paco Erhard is the fresh new voice of German comedy and the first German comedian to dodge the clichés and hold a mirror up to real, present-day Germany, Britain, and the rest of the world.

Paco Erhard’s 2011 Edinburgh Fringe show 5-Step Guide to Being German received multiple 5-star reviews and was named 10th best Edinburgh Fringe show by Festivals Review. Sold out ever since, the German comedian offers a unique, hilarious glimpse into the soul of his “charming, crazy mishap of a country" and quirky, outspoken views of just about anything else.

Paco has gigged in Britain, Australia, Germany, Spain, and Argentina, in English, German, and Spanish. Every Sunday after 9pm CST he can be heard on Australian radio as Radio FIVEaa’s comic foreign correspondent.

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Worst. German. Ever.
August 1-25

DATE: August 1-25 (except Mondays) @ 8.45pm   VENUE: Cowgatehead Space 6 (Venue 32)   FOR MORE INFORMATION: http://www.freestival.co.uk/news/paco-erhard-worst-german-ever   ENTRY... Read more

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